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By now you may have noticed that I dabble in a bit of everything... Creating is my passion and what makes me happy, so here we are!


From turning friends into my models for photoshoots, to producing homemade movies of my family, to drawing caricatures of my teachers in school (which occasionally landed me in trouble), my art is not defined or restricted to one medium; instead, it is an ever evolving tribute to those around me and for the joy of creating itself.


After high school, I studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as SRISA in Florence, Italy. While in college, I became a photographer for ALT Magazine, participated in multiple exhibitions, and even did Smithsonian-level archival photography for a while. (All made possible by Top Ramen.) In 2020, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Art, and began working at a marketing studio as both a graphic designer & photographer. I worked on projects for a wide variety of clients, big and small. While there, I tackled a number of different skillsets, such as collaborating with a creative team, leading photoshoots, and becoming confident with my craft!


Two years later, I felt ready to take everything I'd learned and go after it as a freelancer. I'm now working remotely and ready to make some magic!

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